FAQ - Zharta Token

Who can earn Zharta Tokens?

All legal adults who do not fall under the Prohibited Entities listed in our Terms & Conditions can participate in our rewards program and earn tokens. Please refer to said list here to verify your eligibility. Please note that we have the right and legal obligation to invalidate any points and withhold any tokens earned by non-eligible users.

What is Chapter 0: GTA? Who will receive a Genesis Airdrop?

The Genesis Token Allocation is our way of thanking our early adopters. Those who were active in one or both of our protocols before the snapshot (taken on February 19, 2024, 00:00:00 UTC) may be eligible to receive a Genesis Airdrop.

How can I earn tokens?

You’ll be able to earn tokens through our rewards program’s Chapters, each of which will have its own set of rules and mechanics. Chapter 0: GTA was the equivalent of a prologue; the “action”, however, began with Chapter 1: LOTM, which is currently ongoing. This chapter uses a points system. You can earn points by using Otherside Renting and get Boosts through your performance within LOTM and by ranking high on our Leaderboard. Those points will later allow you to claim token airdrops.

How does Chapter 1: LOTM work?

This chapter uses a points system. You can earn points by renting assets and each time other players rent assets you’ve listed. In addition, both performing well in LOTM and making it to the top 20 of our Leaderboard can earn you point Boosts, which act as multipliers for earned points. Your total points at the end of Chapter 1 (which will coincide with the end of LOTM Season 3) will determine how many tokens you’ll receive.

How does the Leaderboard work? What does “rolling 24-hour Leaderboard” mean?

The Leaderboard resets every 24 hours, ranking everyone according to how many points they accrued in the previous 24-hour period. This system gives everyone a chance of making it to the top - even if you got a late start and haven’t had a chance to accumulate that many total points, you still have a fighting chance. Making it to the top 20 will earn you a Rank Boost.

What do Boosts do? How can I get one (or two)?

Boosts work as point multipliers, augmenting the points you earn through renting and listing.

You can earn up to two, stackable Boosts: the Rank Boost and the LOTM Boost. Rank Boosts are awarded to the 20 users who made the most points during the previous 24-hour period. LOTM Boosts follow a similar logic: the 20 players with the best LOTM performance in those 24 hours will receive LOTM Boosts. Both Boosts have 4 tiers each, with the top tiers receiving larger multipliers.

When will I be able to claim my tokens?

The first airdrop will take place on the day of the Token Generation Event (date to be announced).

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