Zharta Renting Offer

The Otherside of Zharta

Introducing Otherside Renting, our new protocol that allows Legends of the Mara players and asset holders to rent or rent out Otherside assets.

Why did we create this protocol?

LOTM assets are unevenly distributed among its user base, and the user base itself is characterized by uneven time and interest in the game. In addition, neither side may want, or be able to, buy or sell these assets.

Together, these factors mean that, for example:

  • Some avid players may have more assets than they can use;

  • Others may wish they had access to more/different assets to fulfill certain objectives;

  • Some collectors may have idle assets and no time or inclination to use them.

So, how does Otherside Renting solve this?

In short, by connecting users who need LOTM assets they don’t have with users who have LOTM assets they don’t need. You can access assets without buying them or earn returns from your assets without selling them or playing LOTM.

Beyond solving the more straightforward issues mentioned above, this service offers users more flexibility in interacting with LOTM and its assets. It opens up new possibilities and strategies and enables users to collaborate within the LOTM community. Overall, Otherside Renting has the potential to make the LOTM experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

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