Tailored Deals

We created Tailored Deals to complement our Instant Loans offer.

The reasons that might drive a borrower to request a special quote include:

  • They own a grail or outstanding collection that warrants human valuation

  • They are looking for unusual loan conditions, such as an exceptionally long loan period

  • They already have a handshake agreement with a lender but need a protocol to facilitate the exchange and ensure security

Due to their unique conditions and risk profiles, these loans don’t use liquidity from our main pools (ETH and USDC). Instead, we created specific, private pools for this purpose, allowing lenders to review new Tailored Deals before accepting them.

In other words, Tailored Deals have more in common with Peer-to-Peer loans than with our usual Peer-to-Pool loans.

Anyone can submit a request for a custom quote. Our team will then either accept the proposal or respond with a counteroffer.

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