FAQ – Renting

Otherside Renting? What's that?

Otherside Renting is our answer to the unique challenges caused by the uneven distribution of assets among LOTM’s player base. Some holders, for example, have Kodas they’re not using, while others wish they had a stronger team to fulfill certain objectives. By enabling players to easily rent assets to each other, we allow them to maximize their strategies and returns without having to buy or sell.

When renting an asset, why is there an option to use it on another Wallet?

If you prefer to use one Wallet for payments and another to store your assets, this option will enable you to pay with one and play with the other, allowing you to manage your Wallets as you see fit.

How does Self-Delegation work? What is it for?

When you list an asset, the protocol places it in a Safe Vault and, from there, delegates it to the players who rent it. Thanks to Self-Delegation, instead of your assets sitting idle while you wait for someone to rent them, you can use them yourself – all without having to unlist or withdraw them.

Keep in mind that, if you don’t unlist an asset before Self-Delegating, it may be rented at any time – potentially interrupting whatever you were using it for.

Is Zharta sponsoring the gas fees for migration?

Migration gas costs will be refunded for all migrations performed until December 17 at 11:59 PM.

How do I list my assets for rent?

Just go to the “Your Assets” section of our platform. Decide which asset you’d like to rent out and click “Deposit and List.” Decide the listing conditions (such as rental rate and max duration) you want to offer. Confirm the listing, and that’s it – your asset is now available for others to rent!

How do I rent an asset?

Go to the “All Assets” section of our platform. Browse the Available Assets (you can filter and sort them according to your needs) and click “Rent Now” on the one you want. Choose the duration of your rental, double-check the conditions, and pay – you’ll be able to use the rented asset right away!

Where do my assets go when I list them? And what happens when someone rents them?

Once you deposit and list an asset, it will go into a Safe Vault. From there, it can be safely Delegated to other players’ Wallets. Delegation allows other Wallets to use an NFT’s utility “remotely,” without any transfer occurring – renters never have your assets in their possession. Your asset will only leave the Safe Vault when you withdraw it!

What should I look for when renting an Oda?

Consider the purpose you have for this Oda. Doing so will help you narrow your search down. If, for example, you need an Oda for farming, you can ignore fighting-related stats. After having a list of viable options, balance their prices against their advantages and choose accordingly.

Here are the main characteristics you’ll want to consider:

  • Rental rate

  • Minimum/maximum duration: the maximum duration should be sufficient to achieve your goals. You can cancel your rental and get a refund for the unused time, but you’ll always at least pay for the minimum duration, so keep that in mind as well.

  • Mara traits: abilities, attack damage/speed, harvest bonus, rarity tier, etc

  • Koda traits: similar to the Maras', but more complex. Kodas have two abilities each, for example, and some of them wield weapons – not to mention that a rare few are Mega Kodas.

  • Koda weapons: don’t just check whether a Koda has a weapon – each weapon has its own characteristics that affect gameplay differently.

  • Special ability cooldown: ensure the abilities you want to use are either not in cooldown or will refresh in time for you to use them.

Who sets the rental rates?

It’s up to each player to decide how much they want to charge.

Is Zharta safe to use?

When building our blockchain protocol, we ensured our smart contracts were 100% secure so there was no possibility of obstruction. Even our programming language, Vyper, was chosen with efficiency, simplicity, and security in mind. Finally, because our users' peace of mind is our top priority, all of Zharta's smart contracts are audited.

How do I contact support?

You can go to our Discord server and talk to us or submit a ticket, email us at support@zharta.com, or send us a DM through our X account.

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