Chapter 0: GTA - Genesis Token Allocation

The GTA is our way of acknowledging and expressing gratitude toward those who have supported our protocols from the start. As we prepare to introduce our native token, we want to ensure that these early adopters are recognized and rewarded.

  • You’ll be able to claim your Zharta Tokens on their launch date (to be announced)

  • A total of 7 000 000 tokens will be distributed during the GTA, out of a total supply of 300 000 000 tokens


Every person who used one of our protocols before the snapshot – taken on February 19, 2024, 00:00:00 UTC – will receive a Genesis Airdrop. You can check your eligibility, and how many tokens you’ve earned, here.

Specifically, to be eligible, you must have performed at least one of the following actions:

  • Rented an asset on our Renting protocol

  • Listed an asset that generated at least one rental on our Renting protocol

  • Taken a loan on our Lending protocol

  • Provided liquidity to one of the pools in our Lending protocol

Token Allocation

The amount of tokens each user will receive was calculated based on how active they were on either or both of our protocols. The more active you were, the more tokens you will receive.

The factors that influenced your allocation include:

  • Renting: total rentals taken, their durations, and asset types

  • Listing: total rentals generated by listed assets, their durations, and asset types

  • Borrowing: total loans, their principals, and durations; additionally, defaults incurred penalties, whereas holding a Genesis Pass resulted in a bonus

  • Lending: total deposits, the values deposited, and how long the liquidity stayed in a Lending Pool

Token Claim

You’ll be able to claim your Zharta Tokens on their launch date (to be announced).


  • Additional information regarding the TGE, tokenomics, utility, and other relevant details will be disclosed progressively until the TGE takes place.

  • This page is for informational purposes only. Please read our Terms and Conditions - Airdrop for more details before claiming or using Zharta Tokens.

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