Zharta Token

The Zharta Token was created to reward our users, incentivizing real and responsible use of our Renting and Lending protocols while adding to our users’ enjoyment of their favorite Web3 games.

Users will be able to use their tokens to enhance their experience while gaming and using our protocols:

  • To redeem or bid on prizes, including their favorite NFTs and more

  • To access premium features, rebates, and discounts

  • On our partners' platforms and within supported games' ecosystems (to be confirmed and implemented as collaboration opportunities arise)

It is our goal to implement these initiatives progressively, listening to our users' feedback as we build and reaching out to Web3 gaming protocols to collaborate in the creation of a fully integrated gaming ecosystem.

Our initial token allocation will include an airdrop (Chapter 0: GTA) for our early backers to show our appreciation for their support.



300 000 000



Token Launch Date (TGE)

to be announced


We will be kick-starting our token launch with a two-phase initial token allocation of 10 000 000 tokens:

  1. Chapter 0: Genesis Token Allocation (GTA) – 7 000 000 tokens will be distributed among early adopters based on each user's organic use of our protocols before the snapshot (taken on February 19, 2024, 00:00 GMT)

  2. Chapter 1: LOTM – 3 000 000 tokens will be rewarded to users according to the points they accumulate from the date of the snapshot until the end of Season 3 of LOTM

  • You’ll be able to claim your GTA once the Token Generation Event takes place (date to be announced).

  • There will be numerous rounds of airdrops throughout 2024 and 2025.


  • Additional information regarding the TGE, tokenomics, utility, and other relevant details will be disclosed progressively until the TGE takes place.

  • This page is for informational purposes only. Please read our Terms and Conditions - Airdrop for more details before claiming or using Zharta Tokens.

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