As a Borrower

Our borrower-friendly features are one of the main factors that set our protocol apart. These are available both in our main loan format – instant, Peer-to-Pool loans – and in our Tailored Deals:

  • No Auto-Liquidations – No need to worry about Floor Prices dropping

  • Fixed APR – Once a loan starts, its APR is fixed

  • Pro-rata APR – Repay early, pay less

  • Trait Boosts - Get more for your rare NFTs

  • Delegation – Retain NFT Utility

Zharta loans are protected from liquidation until loan maturity.

Zharta's Borrowers need only have one concern: to repay their loans before their maturity dates. No need to worry about health factors or liquidation prices.

Additionally, to avoid unnecessary defaults and collateral liquidation, we offer our Borrowers two extra layers of protection:

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