As a Lender

Zharta has several pools with distinct features. Our two main ones are the ETH and USDC pools, both open to the public.

Lenders can deposit liquidity into one of them instantly and earn from the interest their pool’s loans generate over time.

This strictly peer-to-pool model allows lenders to embrace a “set it and forget it” mentality since the pool will continue generating interest from loans in their absence. It can also pay to be attentive, however: when a loan defaults, that pool’s lenders get the exclusive right to buy the collateral at a significant discount.

Besides the currency their names correspond to, the ETH and USDC pools differ in which NFT collections they support and the loan conditions they offer. You can check that information here.

The three other pools require whitelisting. That is because they serve Tailored Deals – loans with special conditions and risk profiles. We facilitate those loans manually and on a case-by-case basis. Similarly to Peer-to-Peer protocols, lenders must accept each loan’s conditions before it moves forward.

Go to Making a Deposit, Lending Pools, and Buy Now to learn more about lending and its perks, or to Risk Management and its sub-sections to understand how we handle risk.

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