Self-delegation allows owners to use their deposited and listed assets while they're idle. You can do so during the listing process or after listing your assets.

Activating Self-Delegation When Listing

You can opt-in to this feature during the Delegation step of the listing process, and choose to delegate to the wallet you're using or to another one.

Self-Delegating Your Assets After Listing

To self-delegate assets after listing them, go to the Your Assets page and select those you want to delegate. You can select deposited or listed assets (provided they're not rented). Click Delegate.

Choose whether you want to self-delegate to the wallet you're using or to another one.

Go through the required wallet approvals.

And that's it! You can start using your assets right away.

Self-delegation only lasts until the asset is rented. After that, you must renew it manually.

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