V3 Update

What's new on Version 3.0 of Otherside Renting

What’s New for Renters

Batch Renting

Sometimes one more Mara is all you need; others, you need to rent a whole extra team. Batch renting was one of our most requested features, and we’re excited to say it’s here.

Renting multiple assets in one go has several benefits:

  • Gas efficiency: save on gas expenses. Batching rentals together allows the protocol to optimize the required on-chain transactions, ensuring efficient use of resources;

  • Time efficiency: add all the assets you want to your cart and enjoy a rental flow that’s just as quick and easy as our earlier, single-asset version;

  • Organize and strategize - Get a clear overview of your next move. By grouping all your prospective rentals in your cart, it is now much easier to plan and calculate how they will fit into your game.

Rental Renewals

Need those Kodas for a bit longer than you originally thought? Are those rentals working out better than you’d expected, so you want to keep that winning streak going? Thanks to our new Renew feature, you can keep your rentals for longer without the risk of someone renting them from under you as soon as they expire. Just as with batch renting, you can renew several rentals at once.

Please keep in mind that renewing a rental isn’t the same as adding the new duration to the end of your original one. The process is more akin to canceling your original rental and starting a new one, so calculate your rental duration based on how many hours you need starting from the time of renewal. Note also that if you renew a rental whose minimum duration isn’t over, you’ll still be charged the minimum fee upon renewal.

What’s New for Owners

Batch Listing

If you have several assets to put to work, you can now deposit and list them all in one go. Not only does this make the process much faster, but also more gas-efficient.

Gas-free Asset Listing & Management

Once your assets are deposited into Safe Vaults, you'll be able to unlist, update their conditions, and relist them gas-free. This opens up valuable new possibilities: you can update conditions several times to test different price ranges, for example, or temporarily unlist your assets so you can use them in your own game with no interruptions.

Migrating Your Assets

Our new Smart Contracts and Safe Vaults are a crucial part of V3’s infrastructure. They enable owners and renters alike to use our new and improved features and have been thoroughly audited to ensure the safety of your assets. What we call “migration” is simply a streamlined way to transfer your assets from V2 to V3 Safe Vaults.

We highly recommend you migrate your assets to V3 as soon as you are able. Not only will migrating your assets early on ensure you can take full advantage of V3, but it will also guarantee you’re on time to take advantage of our Migration Gas Refunds campaign.

To ease the transition, we’re refunding up to 0.01 ETH in gas fees spent migrating each asset from V2 to V3. This offer stands until April 16, 11:59 PM UTC.

If you keep your assets listed in V2, they will retain their most basic functions (until V2 is completely deprecated at a future date). Renters will be able to keep renting them, and you’ll continue to claim your earnings as usual. If your V2 listings have been performing well thus far, you may be tempted to just leave them be, but keep in mind – since renters won’t be able to batch-rent V2 assets or renew V2 rentals, your listings may lose their competitive edge against similar V3 assets.

Check out Migrating Your Assets for a step-by-step guide on how to get your NFTs V3-ready.

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