Serum City

Step-by-step guide on how to use rented and delegated assets in Serum City

Whether you rented a Mutant Hound or self-delegated one of your listed Hounds, there are a few, quick steps you need to take before you can use them in Serum City.

Once you've rented or self-delegated a Mutant Hound check its Vault Address. You won't need to copy-paste it – just recognize the last four digits when you see them again later (you can always keep that tab open or take a picture with your phone in case you forget).

If you rented a Mutant Hound, you'll find its Vault Address right on its card, as shown in the image below.

If you're self-delegating one of your Mutant Hounds instead, you can find the Vault Address by clicking More Info.

Go to your Faraway Account link:

Or go to Serum City's title screen and click your Account ID:

Or go to the settings menu of the game and click Faraway Connect.

Click on your wallet.

Click Associated Wallets.

Recognize those last 4 digits you checked before? Click link.

And that's it! You'll find your rented or self-delegated Hound in-game.

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