Notification System

Zharta offers a notification system for users who wish to receive reminders about their loan payment deadlines.

You can enable notifications by opting in when prompted after taking a loan or at any time by visiting your Profile. Make sure you provide a valid email address.

Borrowers can choose to receive email notifications and/or to add reminders to compatible calendars. Currently, we support Google and Apple calendars.

Borrowers will receive two notifications per loan that meets the corresponding criteria:

24 hours before the due date

The first notification is emailed 24 hours before the loan's due date, reminding the Borrower that they need to hurry if they are to meet their deadline.

When the loan term has expired

If the user does not repay a loan before maturity, they will be notified through a new email informing them that they missed the deadline and that the loan has entered its Grace Period.

The Grace Period allows the user 48 extra hours to repay the loan and a penalty fee, enabling them to recover their assets.

Visit the Grace Period section of the documentation to learn more about how it works and how the penalty fee is calculated.

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