Invitation Codes

Zharta's Invitation Codes initiative aims to bring new users to experience the Otherside Renting protocol.

First-time renters who use an Invitation Code and meet the promotion's criteria will be eligible to have their rental costs refunded fully or in part – giving new users the possibility to try renting for free or at a significant discount.

  • This promotion has no set end date; it will run for as long as it is accessible in the Otherside Renting app.

  • Invitation codes will be disseminated via chosen partners, community members, and through Zharta's targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Each Invitation Code is valid for 30 days after being issued and can be used by up to 50 people.

Eligibility Criteria

Only first-time renters can participate in this promotion.

Once a user applies an Invitation Code, the protocol will automatically check that the connected wallet has never used the platform to rent an asset.

To qualify for a refund, users must rent an asset for the first time on the Otherside Renting platform, apply a valid Invitation Code when doing so, and use their rented asset in LOTM at least once in the following 48 hours. Their rental cost should total at least 5 APE for the Invitation Code to be accepted.

Each user's refund will match their respective rental costs (excluding gas fees) up to the maximum value allowed by the code they used. If their rental cost is below the maximum possible refund, the difference will be considered forfeit by the user and will NOT be included in their refund. If their rental cost exceeds the maximum value, the user will only be refunded that maximum value.

Refund Processing

Users will receive their refunds within 14 days after an eligible rental takes place.

A Zharta wallet will send the ApeCoin to the wallet the renter used to complete their rental.


  • We reserve the right to amend, suspend, or end this initiative at our discretion; we may apply these changes to individual Invitation Codes or the entire promotion.

  • Refunds may be withheld if earned fraudulently, if the users circumvented the promotion's criteria, or attempted to earn them through dishonest means (such as using multiple wallets).

  • In cases where we suspect fraud or significant abuse of this promotion, we reserve the right to take appropriate actions at our sole discretion.

  • Unforeseen events beyond our control may arise, making it impossible to grant refunds. Zharta will not be held liable for any losses, whether direct or indirect, incurred due to events outside of its control.

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