Rental Delegation


Some users prefer to keep their payment and gaming wallets separate. That's why we offer the option to delegate your rentals to another wallet.

You can activate this option during the rental process or later by using the Delegate action. Below are brief guides for both.

Activating Delegation When Renting

You can opt to delegate your rentals to another wallet during the Delegation step of the rental process.

To do so, just activate the "Self-delegate to another wallet" toggle and enter the target wallet's address.

Activating (or Updating) Delegation After Renting

Go to the Your Rentals page and select the rentals you want to delegate (or, if you've already done so, those whose delegated wallet address you wish to change). Click Delegate.

Activate the toggle and enter the address you wish to delegate to.

Go through the necessary wallet approvals.

And that's it!

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