Making a Deposit


Depositing funds

Deposits and withdrawals can be made through the Lending Pools page and the Lending Pool Details page. The latter provides statistical information regarding that LP.

Each deposit has a 7-day lock period during which the lender may not withdraw that amount. If a lender makes a second deposit during those 7 days, the second deposit will have its own, separate lock period – it won't extend the first one.

Making a Deposit: Step by Step

  1. Select Deposit

  2. Select the amount you want to deposit

  3. Accept the conditions

  4. Deposit the selected amount

Pool Details

Lenders can access a more detailed view of each pool – its Overview page – by clicking on it. Here, users will find its most important KPIs and the NFTs currently being used as collateral.

Withdrawing funds

Withdrawals are subject to the LP’s utilization rate and available liquidity. During periods of high loan demand, the LP utilization will go up, which will decrease the available liquidity for withdrawals. During such periods, loan interest will also increase and provide higher returns for lenders. Zharta will always work towards maintaining a healthy liquidity reserve that facilitates withdrawals and keeps up with loan demand. Check Pool Management for additional information.

The steps to withdraw are:

  1. Select the amount of ETH to withdraw

  2. Follow the withdrawal modal flow

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