Renting Assets


Go to the All Assets page. Each collection has a dedicated section, and you can freely switch between them to browse all listed assets, including those currently being rented.

Alternatively, use the filters to exclude rented assets or narrow your results down to the characteristics you're looking for.

If you're renting an Oda and are overwhelmed by all the variety and options, visit our FAQ to learn more about what you should look for when renting an Oda.

Add the assets you wish to rent to your cart.

V2 assets can only be rented one at a time. If you want to rent several assets, you might want to stick to V3 ones, since batch renting is more gas-efficient.

Expand your cart and define the rental duration for each item. Click Continue.

If you want to delegate your rentals to a different wallet (if the wallet you use to play is not the same as the one you use for payments, for example), activate the "Self-delegate to another wallet" toggle and input its address.

If you don't, just click Continue.

The Rental Previews step allows you to double-check your rentals one last time before proceeding.

Go through the required wallet approvals.

Aaaand you're done!

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