Mission & Values

Our Core Beliefs

What is our Mission?

We are creating an NFT Lending protocol with a non-custodial solution based on Lending Pools, AI price discovery models, and advanced risk modeling.

Who do we serve?

DeFi and NFT native holders that want to borrow to get the most out of their assets, in order to obtain liquidity without selling. Investors/Lenders that want to get exposure to the NFT market while maximizing risk-adjusted returns.

What are we working towards?

We are positioned as a lego DeFi protocol, providing an easy-to-use platform that is both integrable and integrated. We put the user at the center of our experience and at the core of our business. We want to establish good partnerships in the Web3/Crypto landscape and boost the value others have created.

What kind of future do we envision?

A society where digital assets are first-class citizens in the financial system, and where anyone can have access to financial primitives, regardless of their net worth.

What do we stand for?

Transparency and the inclusion of everyone in the future of finance. Trustless collaboration between people and institutions. Building reliable and viable products so others can thrive (our customers, our partners). The core belief that integrity is a pillar of the future of Web3.